Eco-friendly Post-It Pop-Up Notes for Sale

Our stationary and school accessories collection includes the post-it pop-up notes for sale. These sticky notes will be helpful when you need to make a reminder. So, these colorful cute post notes will make your desk and office aesthetic. Additionally, you will love the way these notes pop out and become useful for you in writing some random ideas immediately.

These notes will be very useful for some and for others these pop-up notes might be their least favorite. So, the intellectual people love such accessories and they have the habit of keeping such productive items with them. The post notes not only help you in making reminders, and transcription some ideas, but also you will enjoy the features which we are going to discuss below.

Useful Characteristics of Post-It Pop-Up Notes

Here we will let you know about some amazing attributes of these notes and the advantages that how these notes are benefiting the ecosystem.

Greener version post notes

Now you must be assuming about the greener version, right? So, this means that these notes are made with the paper from a special tree. Thus, the paper of these notes is not ordinary and you will get a certain kind of smell from it. We have used original mulberry bark for the processing of these notes. Additionally, these barks are specially imported and used in the manufacturing industries.

Plant-based adhesive

We always keep high-quality raw materials and the end product should be of premium quality our team makes sure of it. Thus, you must know the strategy of popping out of these post notes with the tickle. So, when you separate it from the bundle a certain adhesive layer is attached at the upper top which helps you in sticking the notes wherever you want. The adhesive glue we use in them is 67% plant-based glue from a unique tree.

Funky colors

Who doesn’t like colors in their sticky notes colors fit everywhere? These colors can change your mood swing and your whole day as well. So, we have put several color combinations in 3 * 3 boxes. Thus, you get to take different sticky notes every time and you can set your theme color according to the day. The dispenser box has 4-5 bright colors and these colors will call out important details for you.

Recyclable and renewable

So, as our motto indicates eco-friendly post-it notes are good for the environment and are reusable. Thus, is the fact that these get disposed of without creating environmental pollution. These notes are renewable in industries for initiating the cycle again. Moreover, there are special permission and grants have been taken for their manufacturing. Additionally, we have certificates for using certain forest biotic materials like trees, herbs, glue, and more.

Why do these post-it pop-up notes functional?

Whenever something comes into the market and innovative products are made, there is a reason behind its manufacturing. So, these pop-it pop-up notes are made for a specific reason. Now the era is of digital note pads still, we have a paper to write on and pen to ink.

Thus, these sticky notes help you visualize some important details and keep you motivated with the plan you sorted out a while ago. Hence, this is the most appealing way to keep your morale up and call out all important events.

How to order these functional and eco-friendly sticky notes?

We have provided every detail about the product and here we are also offering you the complete guide to making an order. So, for this process, you need to check into our store and explore the multiple post-it-pop-up notes for sale in various colored dispensers. Thus, you need to select the one and put it in the cart.

You get the bill, and your order will confirm. Moreover, we always take cash on delivery and this gesture is liked by most of our customers. Hence, order your pack now for your kids and office, you will never run off them quickly because one pack contains about 100 sheets which are enough for a whole month.


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Post-it Pop-up Notes